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Beauty Beats
Beats Antique

Music, words, dance. This is my religion. 

The song is Beauty Beats by Beats Antique, and you should go buy all their albums immediately. 

Taking Back Sunday, Bogarts 7/24/11

Last night was about holding hands with strangers to stay in place, of sharing water and sweat that dripped off my face and hands and arms, until I was soaked like I’d stepped out of a shower. It was about sometimes singing the words back to a singer who stared into my eyes, or the eyes of the boy next to me, or the girl next to me, or my friends’ eyes, or climbing out to walk through the crowd and sing to everyone behind us. It was falling in love with a new band (Colour Revolt) and one that I’d heard, but never connected with, until last night (Thursday). It was being so hot, so elated that I lost my ability to speak coherently or without exclamation points and verbal ticks most commonly associated with teenagers. It was meeting the sweetest band guys ever, and not needing to meet the others because the night was so damn perfect and so damn hot that showers were actually needed. 

It was meeting new friends in line and being thrilled for them when they got sound check passes and caught drumsticks, even as the one I caught was pulled from my hands. 

It was the band playing the one song I never thought I’d hear live, and that I love, and finally, for the first time in my memory of actually welling up into tears that mingled with my sweat, of not being able to walk a straight line because I was so tired, so exhausted. 

It was a night of mic swinging, of sass, and just a wee bit of sadness to make it all that much sweeter. 

Thank you, Megs, for being so awesome, not just for the show, but also being a friend. I think our conversations outside the venue made the day as much, if not moreso, than seeing the bands. You offered me perspective on friendships, and a reality check, and that helped more than I can really say. 

I feel sad for anyone for whom the music stops as they get older. I appreciate silence more, and I appreciate different styles of music more as I grow older. I experience music differently, now. Concerts like last night, by necessity, have gotten fewer and farther between, but they are no less valuable. 

Music and friendship for me still go hand-in-hand, and I hope they always will. 

Thanks Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Colour Revolt and New Regime.